My family is toxic.

Living in the buckle of the bible belt is not often kind to a woman who doesn’t allow her family to mistreat her.  Everyone in the Southern US can recite the Ten Commandments through years of early indoctrination of what is right and wrong.  When one of the big ten commands you to honor your mother and father and you don’t…… well, you are obviously an issue that must be dealt with immediately and punished accordingly.

I’m not a poor-me, “my parents were mean to me” type of person.  I am a girl who defiantly took beatings refusing to submit to an angry and domineering narcissist.  And when this manipulative and abusive man is not only your father but the alpha of a large “Bible is the only Law” family, then life is not an easy road.

The dysfunction in our family is defined by the on-going battle of a father whom is controlling and mean; my unwillingness to be treated as a girl with no value or worth; and family members who wisely instruct me to “just take it” because “he’s your father!”.

My name is Gina. For 46 years, this has been the basis to my story of hurt, betrayal, sadness, anger, and aloneness.  The story that I keep hidden from the world….. but not any more.